Find out why we started TimeTrap, who we are and where we’re going.

Founded in June 2016, TimeTrap Escape Rooms are Reading’s 5 star immersive escape games provider. Both graduates of the University of Reading, Andrew and Katie (the lovely looking people above) wanted to provide the town with something tangible and experiential. Being massive escape room enthusiasts themselves (now clocking in at over 100 rooms each) they wanted to provide experiences with high quality aesthetics, immersive storylines and fun puzzles. And so it was, TimeTrap was born.

Since these small beginnings we have gone on to win a Pride of Reading Award, an industry recognised Golden Key Award and over 500 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor. Not only this but one of our creations, The Divide, has gone international after opening in Germany as Das System. Andrew and Katie have also had the privilege of speaking at the UK Escape Room Industry Conference in 2018 and at the European Industry Conference in Amsterdam in 2019.


Pride of Reading

In November 2018, we won a Pride of reading Award in the Small Business in Action in category for our charity work on The Divide. This was our socially conscious escape room that raised over £2,500 for local homelessness prevention charity, Launchpad.


We received a second award for The Divide when escape room blogger and reviewer The Logic Escapes Me announced their 'Golden Key Awards' for 2018.

In their own words 'Making a game out of something so serious was a huge ask, but they managed to produce something that handled the topic sensitively and was still great fun to play.'

certificate of excellence

We have twice received the Tripadvisor certificate of excellence, in both 2018 and 2019. This award is given to organisations that achieve a consistently high rating on the Tripadvisor platform.


We're lab coat wearing, time travel engineers.
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From humble pop-up beginnings to going international.
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